Online Counselling in Singapore – Online or face-to-face?

Online Counselling in Singapore

Online Counselling in Singapore – Online or face-to-face counselling? Meet our growing team at to learn more about how online counselling could help you through this challenging period.

The team acknowledges that the demand for online counselling in Singapore is rising. Given the availability of video chat services such as Skype (since 2003), research into online counselling providing strong evidence as alternative to face-to-face therapy (Ruwaard et al., 2011) and the increasing challenges faced surrounding travel and face-to-face interactions, demand for online counselling in Singapore is set to rise.

The key advantages of having online counselling in Singapore:

  1. It provides increased accessibility to underserved communities. Given our hectic schedules, face-to-face counselling may be inaccessible or difficult to access services at regular psychological clinics or hospitals at a mutually convenient time. If there is a clinic near your location, often traditional opening hours are enforced.
  2. The technology and hardware entry requirements are reasonable – a computer or mobile device, internet and secure video chat software are now available to all consumers.
  3. Commutes are eliminated as these online psychological services eliminate travel costs and commute time.
  4. The convenience of obtaining counselling sessions through a computer screen in an environment where you feel most comfortable enhances the therapeutic alliance.
  5. Reducing the risk of being in an enclosed space with other patients is reduced during circuit break periods, particularly during the current global COVID-19 Pandemic.
  6. Protects your privacy by eliminating the need to attend face-to-face sessions where other attendees may be present prior to and after your session with your psychologist. works with mental health professionals who come from counselling, psychological and psychiatric backgrounds. It may be helpful to work together with your GP as part of a multidisciplinary team while utilising online counselling as a tool in the spectrum of services your need for your mental health.

Based on local internet penetration rates, online counselling in Singapore is set to take a much greater role in the local community and additionally as these rates rise across the regional community. With clinics and hospitals set to shift services to a more customer-centric experience, a diversion away from hospital centres and community-based counselling towards more individualised mental health services are currently being offered.  

An emerging area in online counselling is performance or professional coaching. The performance or professional coach can help you improve on your wellbeing which includes areas such as, health, wealth, relationships and the like. Having a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist or mentor to work through these issues is vital for people looking to shift towards a new direction in their lives.

We are advocates that online counselling services be readily available to our clients in Singapore presenting with mental health issues, which also means that we are accountable for our clients’ wellbeing. This accountability involves undertaking continuous professional development, ensuring an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance is in place and aligning with professional bodies that have placed your needs first and foremost. For example, at, many of our psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Maintaining registration with the Psychology Board of Australia requires demonstrating that these requirements are met. There are comprehensive regulations that protect you the client. It is also important to note that on occasion, a face-to-face session may be mandatory as part of an assessment or intervention that needs to be conducted in a clinic if requested by the clinician.

The convenience of providing online counselling should never take precedence over a face-to-face clinical assessment that may be required in certain circumstances or the need for a client to be referred to appropriate face-to-face health services.

During the course of our online counselling services, there are certain situations where we may recommend a referral to emergency services or for you to attend an appointment in a clinic.

While an assessment or intervention can be conducted online, there are some situations where we may recommend a face-to-face assessment or intervention. The following list is not exhaustive, but here are such situations:

  1. When the risk of loss of life to self or other is present. For emergency situations or events requiring crisis intervention – dial the emergency number in your area immediately.
  2. Where face-to-face is required for assessment or testing.
  3. When additional information may be required to provide a formulation and/or diagnosis
  4. For certain treatments or therapies where it is unavoidable (e.g. treatment requiring hospitalisation).
  5. Medical examination or reporting on a patient’s state
  6. Authorised healthcare professional recommends multidisciplinary consultation.
  7. The type of therapy or counselling requires face-to-face interaction. provides services by qualified professionals who have registration or provisional registration as therapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists with the relevant bodies within the jurisdictions served.

Setting up the necessary software and hardware are equally important in order for you to have a seamless online counselling experience. We can advise on how to get set up with the relevant video chat program account on your own or set up a meeting where we can guide you through this process. If you require assistance, please include in the subject line “Video chat set up” in an email to We will forward you details on how to get set up and we will contact you at a time of your preference.

With appropriate instruction from one of our staff at, within 5 – 10 minutes you should be able to have the necessary tools (provided you meet the necessary software and hardware requirements) to commence your first online counselling session.

The clients we work with are happy to work with us for the following reasons.

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Ruwaard, J., Lange, A., Schrieken, B. & Emmelkamp, P. (2011) Efficacy and effectiveness of online cognitive behavioural treatment: a decade of interapy research. Studies in Health Technology Informatics. ;167:9-14.