Online Therapy in Singapore – How do I get started?

 Online Therapy in Singapore

Online Therapy in Singapore – How do I get started?

Online therapy in Singapore – A brief introduction

Online therapy and psychological services have made their way into Singapore households ever since video chat services such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Coviu amongst others have been changed the way we interact, communicate and engage in therapy services. Advancements in web chat technology and security, demands for privacy and confidentiality, the advantages of reduced commute times in our busy schedules and challenges in travel due to global pandemic restrictions have sparked an accelerated demand for online counselling and psychological services locally and internationally.

These online therapy services provide a way of obtaining psychological therapy and counselling services from the comfort of your own home or in a quiet place of your choice. This demand for online therapy is expected to rise with rising global increasing internet penetration rates.

The traditional face-to-face counselling session like many other services involving face-to-face interactions including, business meetings, job interviews or even family meetups are being shifted to the online space where this is facilitated through video chat software.

How do I get started?

Pick a secure video chat software. Here are some of the important considerations.

Security considerations

Does the video chat software utilise end-to-end encryption?

This takes into account the video chat software’s ability to ensure your communications are only visible to the sender and receiver of the message and excludes unintended or malicious parties from eavesdropping or snooping.

Does the video chat software use two-factor or multi-factor authentication?

A password, hardware token or cell phone or fingerprint might be used to securely access the video chat session.

Is the video chat software based on open-source code or proprietary software?

There is a significant debate as to whether technology-based on open-source code is less or more secure than proprietary software. Whether you choose to side with proponents of proprietary software, based on the notion that a proprietary software’s source code is usually a guarded commercial secret or, with proponents of open source software who argue that their source code is open to any vulnerabilities and hence rectification, this is something you should consider carefully weighing all the benefits and costs.

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Decided on a web chat software along with your psychologist for your online therapy session?

1. Download the web chat software that you and your psychologist agreed to commence your online therapy session.

2. Install the web chat software onto your computer, mobile or open the web-based version that is available for your online therapy session.

* Downloading the full version is recommended and usually doesn’t take very long to download with a high-speed connection

*  Ensure that your connection is stable and reliable.

3. Complete the registration and login processes

4. Depending on the software you may need to add your psychologist as one of your list of contacts or alternatively, your psychologist will send you an invite so that you may access the online therapy session.

5. Commence the online therapy assessment or therapy..

You can even review the time duration of the session in your time log.

At we use web chat software based on the level of security provided and do our best to guide our clients if they have challenges working with the software.

Here are some guidelines to ensure that the online therapy session goes without delays or interruptions:

1.Download the latest version of the webchat software for the computer or mobile you intend on using

2. Use a high-speed broadband connection

3. Use a high-quality or HD webcam

4. Use a microphone and speakers (built-in or external headset with microphone)

5. Please check your chosen web chat software’s website if there are any video card compatibility requirements.

6. Please ensure that the software version you have downloaded is appropriate for your computer’s operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc).

Bear in mind if all the system requirements have been met, there should be practically no lag. The quality of the conversation should be equivalent to having a conversation with a person in front of you.

Your online psychologist may suggest that you have a face-to-face therapy or assessment

There are a number of situations where it would be in your best interest to attend a preliminary face-to-face session. If your psychologist believes that you should seek medical attention, it would be strongly recommended to consider their recommendation. The professional you have been assigned to in your online therapy session is responsible for your welfare.

If you are in an emergency situation dial the emergency number immediately.

Please remember that online therapy has its advantages but also has limitations. There are certain aspects of assessment and therapy that may only be valid when completed in a face-to-face setting.  Some forms of therapy require an “in vivo” or real-life interaction.

An example: In the exercises found in an Exposure Therapy session used to address social phobia, guided feedback in a real environment may be required.

From the perspective of the psychologist, the best interests of the client are always paramount and if so required, the capacity to see the patient in a face-to-face capacity is always available and can be arranged. If the online psychologist assigned to you agrees that a therapeutic alliance can be established during your online therapy session and there are no significant risks, the online therapy can proceed. All that is required is a suitable computer, a secure internet connection and a quiet uninterrupted space.

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